Witch hazel

Hamamelis Virginiana




Astringent properties must their content of tannins and their active and present as saponins which flavonoids and reduce bleeding, accelerate wound healing, reduce inflammation and provide a protective coating that inhibits the development of infections and even counteract mucus throughout the body and have tonic and contractile.


Astringents inhibit enzymatic processes influencing inflammatory processes. Sunburn.


It is added to creams, lotions and ointments astringent tonic, ointments to soothe aching muscles, relieves sunburn, skin loosen muscles and prevent broken capillaries. It is deal to use for painful varicose veins. The distilled extract, known as witch hazel is widely used in the treatment of strokes, muscle aches, acne and oily skin, eye drops, aftershave lotions and cosmetic preparations as tonics for skin or varicose veins.


- Cosmetic- Phytopharmaceutical

The leaves and bark of the witch hazel have lots of tannins, saponins, choline, resins, flavonoids and volatile essential oil (sesquiterpenes, phenol).

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