Nutraceutical Industry


Nutraceutical is a term used for the first time by Dr. Stephen DeFelice in 1989, president of the Foundation for Innovation in Medicine (FIM), to appoint “a food or part of a food that provides health benefits or health including the prevention and / or treatment of diseases. ”

These are animal products with active biological properties, which bring health benefits besides being preventive and / or therapeutic.

As a quality, nutraceuticals are capable of producing synergy between them, which is very beneficial due to increased action of the various substances that work together.

Laboratory Éclat, being an innovative, sustainable and excellent quality provider, is supported by over 17 years of experience in developing natural products, guarantees that all these products include:

  • Contribution to beneficial health effects
  • Product stability guaranteed by analysis and presentation of our certificates
  • Reproducible studies
  • Guaranteed methods for obtaining and purifying
  • Research

In Éclat we have excellent quality products, competitive prices and a unique personalized service; all according to the requirements of the nutraceutical industry.

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