Cosmetic Industry


Éclat Laboratory emerges in 1994 by the market’s need for natural products that can be used specifically for this industry, creating formulas that, til date, continue to meet the needs of each of our customers with excellent quality.
The cosmetic industry sector includes skin care products, such as insect repellents of direct application, hair products like shampoos, rinses / conditioners, spray, mouse, hairspray, styling creams, hair treatments and dyes, hygiene products such as soaps, gels, shaving creams and foams, rakes and spares; makeup among which: nail products, perfumes, deodorants, antiperspirants, fragrances, powders, among others.

In addition to these extracts that can be used for all the purposes above; Éclat Laboratory provides certified assurance that our products are completely natural and organic, thus we guarantee their bio-availability and effectiveness. In addition, our company is constantly researching to find new developments and innovations so our customers stay fully satisfied.

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