Rosmarinus officinalis




The presence of flavonoids confer the distinction of being hypertensive regulating capillary permeability, is also of great importance its astringent, anti-inflammatory and antiseptic so it is considered a wonderful healing.


Preventing dandruff and hair loss, tones the circulatory system, increases urine flow contributes thus removing toxins, antispasmodic, antilipoperoxidante, stimulating.


Used in the formulation of shampoos against dandruff and hair loss, as hair tonic as it stimulates hair growth, also in revitalizing shampoos, in tonics for tired legs, varicose veins or painful and to treat skin infections; in toothpaste, as it calms bleeding gums and freshens breath. It is useful in ointments for sore muscles, back, hips, bones stroke, rheumatism and inflammation of joints and arthritis. It can be included in sunscreens or remove stains the skin, anti-oxidant creams or anti-wrinkle, and its fragrance is added in perfumery.


- Cosmetic- Phytopharmaceutical

Grass warmly woody and fresh fragrance, its extract contains flavonoids, phenolic acids, vanillin, triterpene acids and diterpene as carnosol, carnosic acid, rosmariquinone, choline, tannins, and a volatile oil rosmaricina.

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