Fucus vesiculosus




- Cosmetic- Phytopharmaceutical

Properties of Bladderwrack: It contains Mucilages, yeasts and mineral elements that function as a store for the conservation of the hydration of the skin and even accelerate its healing, reduce wrinkles and soften the skin. Their antibiotic activity and wound closure helps keep the hair more flexible and elastic while preventing static electricity charge, increasing the brightness and the strength thereof. Iodine stimulates the synthesis of thyroid hormones and boosts metabolism favoring catabolic processes, providing a slimming effect, it is also useful for removing skin germs. The sodium remains in the fluid surrounding the epithelial cells and potassium is within them; both minerals are used to adjust the water content in the body and activate enzymes that control the production of energy. Tannins have the ability to combine with the proteins of the skin, creating a protective layer to stimulate healing, reduce inflammation and stop infection.

Bladderwrack has diverse applications: Is added in tonics stimulating blood circulation, obesity gels, creams or emollients in any formulation, remineralizing, moisturizing, anti-wrinkle, reducing, bath preparations, anti-cellulite treatments and hair products.

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