Dioscorea composita




Its effects are attributed to the presence of steroidal sapogenins which act as hormone precursors to be considered a safe and natural substitute treatments related to progesterone, the high content of this precursor also makes an excellent skin protective agents against very soluble creating a protective layer and preventing dehydration.


It anti-inflammatory, the quality of the plant is considered as warm, so it is used as a remedy, in case of rheumatism and arthritis. It is also very important in the pharmaceutical industry for the production of contraceptives.


In the cosmetics industry is used as precursor of hormones, creams, because it is a way to incorporate natural progesterone (Dioscorea from) the body, can also be added to lotions and tonics or product formulations body cleansing because hormones control the functioning of the body.


- Cosmetic

The aqueous extract is obtained from the whole plant. In the presence of components steroidal anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects are attributed major.

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