Capsaicin patch improves quality of life


Patch 8% capsaicin improves quality of life of patients with HIV-associated neuropathy

Studies presented at the World Congress of Pain also show that treatment is effective in postoperative and post-traumatic nerve injury.

A Swedish observational study has demonstrated the efficacy and tolerability of capsaicin patch 8% in 211 non-diabetic patients suffering from different types of peripheral neuropathic pain, including partial peripheral nerve injury, the causes can be trauma or surgery.

The study concludes that the average pain intensity measured with the Scale Numerical Pain Rating (NPRS) over 24 hours stood at baseline in a mean of 6.3 (SD 1.8). Mean change from baseline to 14-90 days after treatment (maximum pain reduction at any time during this period) was -1.77 (SD 2.36), 95% CI (-2.10 to 1 , 44)), P <0.001. The 29% of the patients included in the study reported that they perceived a pain reduction of 50% or more, while 37% reported a reduction of 30% or more.

September 8, 2012. Read full story from (in Spanish): Capsaicin patch improves quality of life. 


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